8 Popular Sites for Selling Handmade Craft Treasures

There are many places on the internet for an arts and crafts hobbyist to sell their wares. It’s overwhelming to sift through all of them, some have listing fees, some have yearly fees. Which one does a new shop owner pick? Here is a list of the more popular e-commerce handmade selling sites to help the new shop owner choose the best fit.

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Etsy is easily the most popular site for selling handmade items. Etsy has no monthly fees, but they have a listing fee of $0.20 per item. When the item sells, there is a 5 percent transaction fee and a 3 percent plus $0.25 payment processing fee. The Etsy App is a bonus that lets shop owners manage their shop from anywhere. If an owner wants more than a storefront, they can pay for a Plus package to help with branding and shop growth. A premium service is also being added later this year offering other advanced tools to shop owners. While Etsy is thriving and the biggest handmade shopping site, some owners have migrated away from it, due to the increase of transaction fees in the recent past.

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Amazon Handmade feels like Amazon proper. It offers an artisan profile with an individual URL for customers to find the shop owner. When registering for Amazon Handmade, a shop owner is given a free Professional selling plan based on if a shop sells 40 items or less in a month. If a shop sells over 40 items in a month, the owner must upgrade the selling plan for $39.99 a month. This fee is being waived until 31 December 2019 for Amazon Handmade artisans.

Once an item has sold, a referral fee of 15 percent or $1.00 is taken, whichever fee is greater. A plus to selling on Amazon Handmade is Fulfillment by Amazon that can help business owners get their product out of their shop and into the hands of the customer without worry and leaving more time for creating.

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Zibbet Marketplace is an interesting platform to sell handmade products. A crafter can open shop and integrate it with Etsy and other sites. Zibbet Marketplace is priced at $5.00 a month. To integrate Zibbet Marketplace with other platforms add another $5.00 a month per platform. There are however no transaction or listing fees for the shop owner on Zibbet. As with some other sites, the owner can have their own customizable storefront.

Aftcra is specific to American handmade crafters. It has no listing fees and the shop owner can list an unlimited number of items. A 7 percent transaction fee is charged after purchase. Again the owner can have a customizable storefront to promote their brand. Aftcra also implements an Etsy import tool to enable the shop owner to have listings on both platforms.

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Another site for selling handmade items is Artfire. Artfire has three shop listings available to pick from. The Standard shop is priced at $4.95 a month. This shop has a listing price of $0.23 an item plus a 12.75 percent valuation fee. This also includes up to 250 listings with zero ads on shop or item pages. The second tier is called the Popular shop at $20.00 a month, no listing fees, a 4.5 percent valuation fee, and up to 1000 listings. The Featured shop is their most expensive, at $40.00 a month and includes up to 2500 active listings, with no listing fees and a final valuation fee of 4.5 percent. Each shop also includes a mobile-friendly site.

GLC Craft Mall is a straight forward site providing three shops for owners to choose from. Each shop offers the same amenities except for the number of listings available to an owner. The Basic store is offered for $4.50 a month with up to 300 active listings. The Basic Plus store is $7.50 a month with a listing capacity of 1000 and the Pro store is priced at $12.00 a month with listings up to 3000 items. There are no transaction or listing fees with GLC Craft Mall and an owner has their own space for a customizable storefront.

Handmade Artist’s Shop is a little different from the other platforms. The owner registers for either a $5.00 a month subscription or a $50.00 subscription paid annually, giving the owner a $10.00 savings for the year. Either subscription offers the same framework, no listing fees, no commission fees, an unlimited number of listings for products, and a personal shop page.

Shop Handmade is a free platform with no fees of any kind. The storefront is lacking customizability, but that is easily overlooked with zero fees.

Whether a shop is new or a seasoned entity, there are plenty of sites to choose from to fit an owner’s needs and wants. Price is not the only factor these sites offer as incentives for choosing their site; listing capacity, a store front, and mobile friendliness are also options a shop owner has to pick from.

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