Music trends in 2019 that will surprise you

Music is considered to be one of the things that all people are interested in, regardless of age and gender. Everyone is individual and prefers a separate direction in music. The modern music market boasts a huge variety of styles, so everyone can find their favorite solo artist, band or song. Current trends in fashion are reflected in this area of ​​human activity.

The shorter the better

If you have been listening to foreign songs and compositions by foreign artists for a long time, you may have noticed that music is becoming more and more narrow from a temporal point of view. If earlier songs could last more than 5 minutes, today creations with 3 or more verses very rarely become real hits. Leading artists cut songs through streaming and consumption culture. After reading the timing of the most popular songs in 2019, you can see that most music products do not exceed the mark of 4 minutes.

Physical drives remain in trend

At this time, new music is released not only on digital media. According to statistics, world sales of vinyl records have grown by a solid 12%. It seemed to many that this market had long since lost its appeal, but vinyl continues to regain its former position. And this is not the most amazing fact. According to for 2018 show that in the UK sales of audio cassettes increased by 90%. This means that a similar boom should be expected in our country.

Modern technology is changing music

New technologies are present in everyone’s life in almost all areas. This also affected music. The most famous examples of this fact include:

  • Drake’s broadcast of concerts on Twitch,
  • The premiere of Ariana Grande’s new music video on YouTube video hosting, which was viewed by more than 800,000 people at the same time.

The modern music industry strives to do its best to keep up with its listeners. Musicians understand that the consumer does not want to make unnecessary movements to find an interesting product.

More new musicians

The era is long gone, when the listener was offered several dozen of the most popular performers who had been heard for years. Now a huge number of young bands and singers have entered the market, replacing each other on a regular basis. Thanks to the development of social networks, every novice singer can present their product to the general public. The user will decide which songs to prefer.

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